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Orca Tank Candle

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Orca Tank Candle 

As beautiful as life, Orcas are awe-inspiring indeed. Also known as killer whales, the Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. Unlike sharks, killer whales don’t typically attack humans. In fact, Orcas are known for their gentleness toward humans, as evidenced in their eyes that seem to look back at us with as much curiosity as we have for them. They are extremely smart and understand emotions at least as well as humans. In their matriarchal society (go women!), the focus is on the family.

We made this candle to show the wonder and beauty of the Orca, but don’t worry – this is the safest Orca tank there is! Scented in your choice of fragrance oil, this is a must-have for lovers of this beautiful, intelligent creature. 

CUSTOM SCENT: Lavender, Coconut, Peach Lemonade, Sandalwood, and Black Raspberry Vanilla. 

DIMENSIONS OF CANDLE- Height: 3.5 inches, Width: 4 inches


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This candle is so cute and smells amazing....

This candle is so cute and smells amazing. Bought it as a gift and my friend loved it.