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MINI Fishbowl Candle

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MINI Fishbowl Candle

You may be surprised to learn that fish are the third most popular pet to keep, after the beloved dog and cat. Most consider their fish to be a source of companionship and report feeling an emotional bond with the animals. Beyond social support, the hypnotic effect of watching fish swim effortlessly back and forth in their bowls has been well noted for relaxing the mind, easing muscle tension, and even lowering blood pressure! But we understand the difficulty in up keeping your pet’s bowl. It’s a bit of a job between controlling the amount of light, algae growth, overfeeding, and siphoning the gravel. But the good news, our mini fishbowl doesn’t require any of that!

Our mini fishbowl features a bed of natural rock gravel, a seashell, coral, and a sea life pet of your choice. Choose a clownfish, sea turtle, betta, squid, sea horse, or any of our other marine life options. Each candle is scented in a warm summer scent – ocean breeze, passion fruit, Tahitian vanilla, or mango coconut.  This candle continues our celebration of summer and is a one-of-a-kind addition to your home décor. It also serves as the perfect gift for friendship and ocean lovers! 

  • Seahorse: Ocean Breeze
  • Clownfish: Mango Coconut
  • Opah: Mango Coconut
  • Octopus: Ocean Breeze
  • Squid: Tahitian Vanilla
  • Turtle: Tahitian Vanilla
  • Betta: Tahitian Vanilla
  • Reef Fish: Passion Fruit

DIMENSIONS OF CANDLE: Height: 3 inches, Width: 3 inches, Opening: 2.25 inches


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Fantastic candle, great seller. Thank you...

Fantastic candle, great seller. Thank you so much!