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Axolotl Gift Box

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Axolotl Gift Box

-1 MINI axolotl candle (buyer selects scent of candle in drop down menu)
-1 axolotl plush (buyer selects plush color in drop down menu)
-1 axolotl tank keyring
-3 axolotl vinyl stickers

Everyone's beloved pet pink axolotl is now available as a gift box! The Axolotl gift box has all the little details we love about real-life axolotls with the cutest of cute look. Just look at those feathery gills and the tiny toes! This is the perfect gift for Axolotl lovers, pet owners, and quirky animal enthusiasts of all ages! This pink cutie gives off a positive vibe with its charming smiling face. Not ready for a live axolotl and tank? Enjoy the candle as a desk-mate, roommate, or as an adorable decoration anywhere in your home where you can enjoy the wonder of this interesting, almost mythological creature.

DIMENSIONS OF CANDLE- Height: 3 inches, Width: 2.25 inches
DIMENSIONS OF PLUSHIE- Length: 6.5 inches, Width: 5 inches (head)
DIMENSIONS OF KEYRING- Length: 2.25 inches, Width: 2.25 inches

CANDLE CUSTOM SCENT- Lavender, Coconut, Blackberry, and Peach Lemonade. 


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Customer Reviews

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Corina Davis
It was a perfect gift for our daughter

It was a perfect gift for our daughter

Rachael-Anne Kshlerin
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Whitney Fritsch
Very cute and arrived as shown. My daughte...

Very cute and arrived as shown. My daughter thought it was so cute!

Sara Daniel
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Tanya Graham
This review has no content.

This review has no content.