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  • "I’m so in love"

  • "I love it! It was shipped in like 3 days, it was packaged very carefully, and it looked just like the picture! The scent was amazing, and the quality of the candle is great. The clear part of the candle is like jelly, which is even cooler! The seller even left a small gift (wax melts) in the box. Thank you!"

  • "So so cute and great quality!! Ordered one for a friend and now I gotta order some more for me, they smell amazing!! Highly recommend lavender vanilla scent (:"

  • "Super cute! I love it so much 😭"

  • "The most beautiful candle!! I am so impressed and happy with it. I chose the vanilla scent and it is so amazing. It’s so pretty and I’m beyond happy with my purchase. The amount of sea life that was included and the effort that looked like went into this candle was 100% worth every penny. I love it!"

  • "This candle is by far the best candle I have ever purchased, and I am a candle lover. This candle not only smelled amazing, but was so pretty and went beyond my expectations! I will be ordering more of these candles!!! Also, the picture does not do enough justice for how perfect the candle really is."

  • "love it!! smells and looks so good"

  • "this candle smells absolutely so good, i’m in love. it’s SO cute!"

  • "If you’re thinking of purchasing this candle I 100% advise you to! Even if just for a decoration! I’ve never seen anything like this so I had to get my hands on it! I even noticed the fish inside can be used as a necklace pendant after burned!! The scent is subtle, but it’s very pleasant. Also when lit the flame illuminates the whole inside of the candle like a night light! 10/10 customer service as well! She even gave me a small sample of a wax melt with my purchase!!"

  • "I got honeysuckle and it smells amazing! The look of the candle is the cutest"

  • This candle smells so good and it is super cute!!"

  • "Got exactly what was expected and it smelled absolutely amazing!"

  • "The candle is so cute and it smells so good! I love it so much"

  • "Absolutely in love this. The peach lemonade scent smells so good! My dog was trying to sniff everything so you got her approval too"

  • "5 Stars!!"